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  • 20' Chassis
    This chassis can transport one 20′ container
  • 20' Slider
    This chassis enables us to move a heavy 20′ container by bridging the load to ensure the road weight restrictions are met. By closing the chassis, the container can be backed up to a dock.
  • 40' Gooseneck
    This chassis can transport a 40′ regular or high cube container.
  • 40' Slider
    This unit gives us the flexibility to transport either 40′ regular, 40′ high cube, 45′ regular, 45′ high cube, 48′ regular and 48′ high cube containers.
  • 40' 12 Pin
    A state of the art chassis when it was created. It has the ability to move a 40′ regular, 40′ high cube, 2 x 20′ containers and also a loaded 20′ container in the middle.
  • 40' Tri Axel Gooseneck
    This chassis has the same functions as the regular 40′ Gooseneck, but with the 3rd axle we can remain legal during Quebec’s spring thaw road restrictions.
  • 40' Universal Tri Axel 12 Pin
    These chassis were aquired to compliment our New York overweight permits. It has the same functionality as our regular Universal 12 pins but now we can handle your overweight containers legally.
  • 40' Tri Axel Genset
    Again, same functionality as the other 3 axel chassis but now we can handle your reefer containers.
  • 40' Universal 12 Pin
    The Universal 12 pin has the same functions as the regular 12 pin with the exception that the 20′ container in the middle can be delivered to the customers door since the chassis can retract flush with the container.
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